Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All I want for Christmas

Last night I was on the living room floor playing with my daughter. She went to get her ball which was close to our Christmas tree. The Christmas tree currently stands next to our fireplace, just a small little plugged in tree with currently no presents under it.

She ran to me with her pink ball in her arms, then ran to show it to her Daddy.

I looked back at the tree. I have all I want for Christmas. After almost a year of unemployment, filled with uncertainty of what was going to happen, I have learned what truly my heart desires.

I looked up at my ceiling and said a thank you prayer to God that I still have my home. I have a healthy husband and daughter.

The Christmas tree may be empty come December 25th, it may be full of gifts, but I am just thankful that there is electricity to make it shine.

I have all I want for Christmas already.

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